A Conclave Of Wyrms


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A trick-taking game with a dragon theme. You try to make sets of similarly-aged dragons or numerical runs of dragons. Lairs, Treasures, and Knights add special twists to the trick-taking.

Powerful, majestic, brilliant, conniving, & greedy, they live in a highly structured society centered around age. There are five different draconic races, each of a different color: red, blue, yellow, green, and purple; and one all powerful prismatic Queen, the mother of all races. Each of the draconic races is subdivided into three basic age groups: drakes being the youngest, dragons being middle age, and wyrms being the oldest of all. The older the beast, the more powerful and greedy it becomes. In fact, the oldest of each race, called a Great Wyrm, is so consumed by its greed that its lust for treasure becomes its greatest weakness. Of all dragonkind, they alone are willing to risk all to potentially increase their hoard size. This often leads to their downfall.

The object in this trick-taking card game is to be the player with the most points (indicating draconic power) at the end of six hands (referred to as cycles). You receive points by accurately predicting the number of tricks (referred to as gatherings) you will take and also by taking special card combinations. You want to avoid taking cards with negative points values.


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