Battletech: Introductory Box Set


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This a very complete game from Catalyst Game Labs, and you sure have a lot of fun! First, the game includes a quick start-book manual of 12 pages which explains the strategies, movements, sequences of play, exploring the box set, stacking combat and all the instructions that you need. After that you can read the introductory book and how the core rulebooks work too, this is an important book because if you study the book you will understand the game. Also you have the painted and tactics guide book, which explains the tools and steps that you have to made to paint the figures and also the tactics that the different figures can do. The game includes more manuals and instructions, the map to role the game. It is a complete set because includes all you need:
– 24 unpainted BattleMech figures
– 2 unpainted, premium BattleMech figures
– Quick-start rulebook (12 pages)
– BattleMech Record Sheets (36 pages)
– Inner Sphere at a Glance (80 pages)
– BattleMech technical data (56 pages)
– Painting and Tactics Guide (16 pages)
– Two heavy-duty cards of compiled tables
– Two 18″ x 24″ game-board quality maps


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