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Clash For A Continent is our exciting game on the American Revolution and French & Indian War. This game features 15 scenarios covering the battles that forged the nation. Map boards and terrain tiles so you can play the scenarios included as well as design your own favorites. Pieces represent the British, American, French, and Indians that were prominent in the battles. For each battle the commanders are rated for their leadership capabilities and this plays a vital role in the ability to move and control your forces on board. Dragoons, artillery, Indians, light infantry, militia, and various other pieces are present to perform their historic roles in battle. The game box features the artwork of renowned historical artist Don Troiani.

Can you as Braddock and Washington outwit the French and Indian ambush on the forest trail to Fort Duquesne? As Tarleton can you slash through Morgans lines at Cowpens? The decisions are yours…………

Game includes box, map, hardwood wooden counters, labels, rules, dice, and scenario book.

French & Indian War Scenarios:

Fort Duquesne, 17 July 1755
Battle of Lake George, 8 September 1755
Ticonderoga, 8 July 1758
Quebec, 13 September 1759
Bushy Run, 5-6 August 1763
American Revolutionary War:

Battle of Bunker Hill, 17 June 1775
Oriskany, 6 August 1777
Brandywine, 11 September 1777
Saratoga (Freeman’s Farm), 19 September 1777
Germantown, 4 October 1777
Camden, 16 August 1780
Cowpens, 17 January 1781
Guilford Courthouse, 15 March 1781
Green Springs, 6 July 1781
Yorktown Redoubts 9 & 10, 14-15 October 1781


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