Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings – The Spires – Force Grown Drones


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In the dispassionate view of the Directorate, all life that crawls from their vats is a product. Clones, which are grown directly from original Exile life strands, are perhaps high-end products, the best of which can someday prove themselves and even earn some standing in Spire society. Such a fate is forever beyond the wretched Force Grown Drones. All Drones are spliced from base’ tissues, found locally on E, and therefore no Sovereign Lineage would ever countenance a creature as inelegant as the Force Grown Drone. The Directorate has no such compunctions. In fact, they are the ones who first came up with the distinction between clones and drones, and the Force Grown Drone remains one of their most successful designs.

Plastic components.

12 Force-Grown Drones (with the option of making 2 Command Models)
3 Infantry Stands
12 Bases
1 Command Card


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