Cosmic Encounter: Odyssey


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You’ve played Cosmic Encounter – you’ve conquered the stars. But, what comes next? In this campaign expansion, compete against your friends as you take a tour through time and space spanning four (or more) ages that each introduce their own variant. No matter how many previous expansions you own, Cosmic Odyssey gives you a taste of each like a cosmic smorgasbord.

Although some of the variants build upon ones that were first introduced in previous expansions, all of the content present is usable regardless of what else you own. Not only that, but Cosmic Odyssey adds five brand new variants to the game.

With 30 new alien species and 12 alternate timeline aliens who each have slipped over to our reality from parallel timelines, get ready to explore the Cosmic Multiverse like never before!


1 Rulebook
1 Campaign Guide
30 Alien Sheets
12 Alternate Timeline Alien Sheets
8 Destiny Cards
1 Vector Token
7 Silencer Tokens
38 Essence Cards
47 Flare Cards
26 Station Cards
26 Station Tokens
14 Evolution Cards
23 Reward Cards
9 Ultra Reward Cards
16 Objective Cards
25 Tech Cards
26 Hazard Cards
24 Lux Cards
24 Lux Tokens
14 Ultra Lux Tokens
88 Moon Tokens
88 Moon Cards
1 Campaign Log Pad
11 Age Cards
11 Privilege Cards
10 Envoy Cards
11 Wrench Cards
13 Master Cards
This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Cosmic Encounter is required to play.


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