Doctor Who The Tomb of the Cybermen


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The Telos Tomb Cybermen were once like us. Hailing from Mondas, Earth’s twin planet, their scientists discovered ways to prolong and upgrade their race by replacing vital organs with metal and plastic. Each had the strength of eight men, but all humanoid emotions had been removed. They are more robot than man, intent on conquering the galaxy and upgrading as many humans as possible to become like them.

The Cybermen who settled on the planet Telos were frozen in suspended animation in giant, elaborate tombs, awaiting their resurrection. An archaeological expedition from Earth led by Professor Parry awoke the dormant army, but they did not realise the horrors that awaited them…

This boxed set contains five Cybermen: The Cyber Controller and four Telos Cybermen as they appeared in this classic four-part story.


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