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Your family wants to have the best vacation ever! Your goal is to visit various cities and famous attractions all over America to increase your family’s happiness and collect bonus points. The player with the highest score at the end wins.

In Family Vacation players each have four family members and a car. A turn consists of moving your car one space. Each family member has two random interests (such as Golf, History or going to the Beach). When your family visits a space corresponding to an interest they have, your family gets happier. 🙂 Every time you travel on the road, it’s boring and your family loses happiness. 🙁 While trying to make your family happy, you might also want to visit bonus attractions (such as the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge). Once a space has been visited, it is no longer available to other players. Some spaces require the drawing of a card, which can be good or bad. Maybe your family will stop for a snack, or perhaps someone will have to visit the bathroom – right now!

In addition to your car, each family has one Plane Ticket which allows quick travel between any two airports. Just make sure you plan for the long drive home!

Once your family has had a good vacation and you are satisfied with their level of happiness, you can head home and lock in your score. Players may head home at any time as long as they have visited at least one of their target destinations. Once one player has gone home, a countdown begins; all other players have seven turns to make it home. Players who are home score bonus points while they wait for the last few turns to wind down. In the end, you’ll compare notes – that is, scores – and see how your vacation stacks up against everyone else’s. Who has bragging rights for this year?


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