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Prove your abilities as a painter in the fun, family game Fresco. The bishop desperately needs experienced, creative fresco painters to make his church look its best. With visitors arriving at any time, the need is urgent. You’ll have to be clever to create the best fresco while still earning enough to pay all your workers and buy supplies. Every painter is vying for the same prime positions. The only problem is better positions equal higher costs. You’ll need money to repair more fresco tiles. Paint the most and win the bishop’s thanks and the game. It’s easy to learn and has multiple expansions available to stir things up. Older kids and adults will enjoy this visually-appealing, highly-strategic masterpiece. Highlights: 3 Expansion modules included! Atmospheric family game for 2-4 players aged 10+ Contents: 1 Game board 25 Fresco tiles (3-11) 14 Market tiles 60 Coins 4 Action sheets 78 Paint Pieces 24 Apprentices 12 Master Painters 1 Bishop 8 Screens 4 Blending cards 1 Linen bag 1 Rules leaflet 1 Leonardo tile 18 Portrait cards (Module 1) 12 Order tiles (Module 2) 7 Fresco tiles (Module 3) 6 Brown paint pieces (Module 3) 6 Pink paint pieces (Module 3) 1 Altar tile (Module 3)


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