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In Incredibrawl, each player guides a colorful cast of characters from all corners of the imagination as they meet in an epic clash for glory! Summon the right characters at the right time to outwit your opponents; use whatever strategy you can muster to overcome the randomness of the brawl! Amass the most glory along the way to become the ultimate champion in this crazy contest of luck and wits! For basic gameplay, players will shuffle their deck and draw 5 cards to start the game. Each player will simultaneously select a character from their hand play them face down at the current location. Once all the players have selected their characters, flip over the cards to begin the brawl! After triggering any abilities revealed by the flip, players then compare their power type and power levels to determine who wins each scrap and the overall brawl. The winner gains one Glory (VP), plus activates any abilities their character may have that trigger off of winning. Each player then discards the played character, and draw one new card before the next round begins. The first player to reach 10 Glory wins the game! Each card in IncrediBrawl has a unique ability, and each player will start the game with a copy of the same set of cards. Choosing which character to play and what ability to trigger at just the right time is key to collecting the most Glory and winning the game!


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