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ISS Vanguard is a 1 to 4 player co-operative Board Game that can be played as a long campaign or in one-off missions. It brings players into an epic Sci-Fi adventure as they helm the first ship able to traverse deep space. Controlling four sections of the ISS Vanguard: security, recon, science, and engineering, player will develop new technologies, recruit crew members, and launch landing parties on multiple unique planets. As they do, their adventure will change to reflect their choices and they unravel the mystery at the center of their explorations. ISS Vanguard’s campaign features a unique story written by Krzysztof Piskorski (Tainted Grail) and is full of hard choices, twists, and branching storylines.

1-4 players
Ages 13+
90-120 minute play time

4 Crew boards
9 High quality models
75 Plastic dice
20 Planet boards
28 Standees
36 Custom crewmember sleeves
119 Tokens and Markers
16-page Operations book
24-page System maps book
40-page Ship book
48-page Rulebook
112-page Logbook
1 Introduction comic
1 Cloth lead bag
1 Hardcover ship binder
1170+ Cards
Additional components


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