Killer Bunnies Quest Orange Booster


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This booster deck adds 55 cards and 6 pawns to your existing game for more strategy and more twisted ways to win! Use the Selective Disclosure card to reveal your opponents’ cards before they’re played, or the Uriel’s Machine card to counteract any undesired Very Special card. Weil’s Pawn Shop gives players a chance to buy back bunnies from a third Killer Bunnies market, and the Pawns will reveal the secret of the P-cards. New Specialty Bunny cards, such as Marilyn Bunroe and the Bunnies of Hazzard, have no color or type. It all adds up to crazy and campy bunny fun! For 2 – 8 players, ages 12 and up. Contents: 55 cards, 6 colored pawns, and game instructions.


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