Lady Richmond-an inheritance up for grabs


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There‘s excitement at the Wetherby auction house. After Lady Richmond‘s sudden and unexpected death in the arms of her young lover Jacques Monetaire, the whole family has gathered to fight over the enormous inheritance. Unfortunately, the distinguished Lady Richmond did not leave a will, and her potential heirs cannot agree how the collection of artworks, antiques, junk and trash should be divided up. The family lawyer and executor of the will, Mr. Harmsworth, has decided, for lack of a better option, to auction the individual items in the extensive collection to the heirs. But this is easier said than done. After all, the people who have come together in the Wetherby auction house are a pretty explosive group.

During the tumultuous auction, the heirs all try to purchase the best parts of the inheritance for themselves while dumping the worthless junk on their rivals. But they don’t always play fairly; they cheat, swap, and “borrow” money from rivals without asking. The player who pays attention to the auction chaos and uses their money carefully, will manage to secure the best items and win the turbulent fight for Lady Richmond’s inheritance.

Attend the inheritance auction and bid to purchase the most valuable treasures and earn the most points by the end of the game.


1 game board
12 cheat tiles
50 coins
1 money chest
1 auction block
12 auctioneer cards
37 object cards


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