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It’s a card game intended to bring everyone to the table and invoke laughter centered around YOU, the game players. What crazy things might you be up to when you and your friends are Left Unsupervised?

Here’s how gameplay works:
– Each player gets 5 yellow cards and 5 red cards.
– Choose a player to be the judge for the first round.
– The judge rolls the special die and determines which player the arrow on the die is pointing to.
– That player is the unsupervised player for this turn.
– The judge chooses any card from their hand to play about the unsupervised player.
– This creates part of a story: “Brad [blank] and that’s how legends are made.”
– All other players play a card to complete the story and the judge picks their favorite.
– Cards are replenished and the judging role moves to the next player.

Think of Left Unsupervised as kind of like *that other* similar party card game, but staring the players at the table.


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