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The Monopoly Discover board game offers fun teaching tools for families. It features a double-sided gameboard with 2 levels of play, so you can decide which level is right for the family! One side focuses on counting and matching, recommended for kids ages 4-5. Flip the board over for more advanced play, focusing on reading and simple math, recommended for kids ages 6 and up. Gameplay in each level uses its own set of Monopoly money and cards, as well as rules. Inspired by Monopoly classic gameplay — after all, every billionaire starts somewhere! The game is a great choice for a family game night, and makes a fun gift for kids ages 4 and up.

2-6 players
Ages 4+

2-sided gameboard
6 tokens
6 Character cards
16 Title Deed cards
20 Level 1 Chance cards
20 level 2 Chance cards
72 sold signs (12 for each token)
1 die
Money pack (90 ones, 90 fives)
Game guide


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