Munchkin Dungeon Legendary Pack


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4 Legendary Loot cards for each of the 8 Classes: Warrior, Wizard, Dwarf, Elf, Thief, Ranger, Halfling, and Super Munchkin! (Includes the Halfling and Ranger Heroes from the Side Quest expansion.)
2 Legendary dice
An old gaming legend goes that for every Hero, there is a special set of weapons, made especially for their Class, to empower them and bring their natural abilities to the fullest potential. These weapons were said to be long lost, but what do you know, we found them! Buried under giant piles of snacks and dirty coffee mugs, in the darkest corner of the development room in CMON, we have discovered: Legendary Weapons and Armor!

This pack brings to all Classes 4 equipment cards each, bringing them new special powers, in addition to their already pretty cool unique Hero powers. Each Hero gets the right to claim one of their Legendary items once they achieve certain specific levels.

To complete the Legendary Weapons and Armor pack is the Legendary Dice! The Legendary Dice contain all the Munchkin Dungeon symbols you know and love… sword, shield, the dreadful blank, etc. Except that these dice are bigger. And fancier. AND contain a very special symbol, a (dare we say) Legendary icon. For each Legendary Loot a Hero has, they get the right to roll 1 Legendary die. If they’re lucky and manage to roll a Legendary icon, they will activate a super-SUPER special power on their Loot! It’s going to be legendary!


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