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Onirim is a solo/cooperative card game in which players navigate the landscape of dreams. By playing or discarding Location cards, players search for oneiric doors that will lead them through the dream labyrinth.

Playing three Location cards of the same color in a row reveals a door. Using the power of Prophecy, players can re-order the top five cards of the deck. However, time is short, and they are not alone in the labyrinth. Terrifying nightmares slither through its corridors to thwart players’ quest by any means possible.

Encountering a nightmare triggers a penalty, such as being forced to discard a hand of cards. If players get all eight Door cards into play before the deck runs out, they escape the labyrinth and win the game!

1-2 players
Ages 10+
30 minute play time

169 Cards
1 Incubus Pawn
2 Rulebooks


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