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Since its introduction at the turn of the 20th century (that’s 1904!) this game has remained a strong and lasting figure in family oriented games. Despite being discontinued for decades, before its reissue, it held its popularity. And it’s easy to see why.

The games concept is simple to learn, understand and play. Kids as young as 5 & 6 can play with adults and not be at a disadvantage and yet it’s exciting and fun for the adults as well!

Each ‘hand’ is played until someone ‘corners’ the market. There are commodity cards (wheat, corn, and barley for example) and the object is to gain all of one type of commodity card so that you can say you ‘cornered’ the market! When you succeed, you yell “CORNER!” and the round is yours.

The trick is, to succeed in cornering the market, you have to trade commodity cards with the other players. Which means that within seconds your group will be a chaotically fun din of people yelling the numbers of whatever commodity they need all at once! It’s hectic, loud and hysterical and don’t worry, if you prefer the noise level below a dull roar, there are included instructions for a silent version as well.

This game is perfect for families, small groups, and gatherings and can be played, and enjoyed, by people from 5 to 200! And who doesn’t want to see a 200 year old play Pit!

3 minutes to learn, around 30+ minutes to play


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