Resident Evil 2 4th Survivor


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William Birkin, the genius responsible for the creation of the G-virus, was once Head Researcher for the Umbrella Corporation until agents were sent to steal his research. Grievously injured and left for dead, the brilliant scientist was forced to inject himself with his own virus in order to claim his revenge. He now roams the ruins of Raccoon City as a horrifically mutated monster; a near unstoppable adversary. Can you defeat William Birkin as you try to escape the nightmare?

Malformations of G introduces two new boss encounter upgrades for your games of Resident Evil 2. This expansion introduces the fearsome Birkin Stage Two and Birkin Stage Four Bosses – one of which is big enough to fill a whole tile!


2 Plastic Miniatures
1 Double-sided Game Board Tile
19 Cards
1 Expansion Booklet


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