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This is a simulation of battleship combat, which abstracts each ship to four numeric attributes: attack, defense, speed and range.
What you get is one 22″ x 34″ mapsheet, big enough to fight large encounters like the fleet action at Jutland. 400 ½” die cut counters, a 12-page rule-book and two dice. The counters represent WW1 battleships, cruisers and destroyers of various nationalities, plus markers to show ship speed and direction, targets, and damage inflicted.

[From the back of the box]

Salvo II is a fast-paced, exciting simulation of surface battleship actions of the First World War.

Salvo II is the continuation of the popular Salvo! system. Every class of battleship that fought in the English and German fleets is represented, such as Queen Elizabeth, Lutzow, Konig and Lion. Cruisers and destroyers are represented as screening units.

Play is by scenario with nine historical and hypothetical scenarios presented including Falkland Islands, Dogger Bank, the Battlecruiser and Fleet action of Jutland and Second Heligoland Bight. Hypothetical scenarios explore such things as what if the British and German fleets had clashed on December 16, 1914, one of the most remarkable days of the war in which both fleets narrowly escaped disaster.

All the essentials of naval warfare are recreated, including gunnery, torpedoes, damage control and fleet formations. Also included are special rules depicting ammunition quality, mines and the environmental aspects of naval combat, such as the position of the sun, wind and stack smoke. The map is big enough to fight large encounters like the fleet action at Jutland. Each hex equals 2000 yards and each game turn represents 10 minutes of real time.


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