Shadows Over the Empire


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Shadows Over the Empire is a tabletop card-game that takes you on a journey through a medieval fantasy kingdom filled with intrigue. Players take over the reins of their shady organization and spread its influence over the most prominent of personalities from Paladins and Courtiers to Assassins and Monks within the empire. Influence personalities that serve your best interest and adjust your strategy accordingly. Players twist and adjust their plans as they place their influence tokens over a modular card-board. If you survive the intriguing schemes of your opponents, you will emerge victorious! Each player’s goal is to place a pre-determined amount of influence tokens over the available personalities, thus influencing them in order to use their abilities for further expansion. Will you align yourself with the Conclave’s forceful placing strategy, the Inquisition’s intimidating tactics, the Imperial lock-down mechanic or the less aggressive but more profitable Order of the Coin’s rushing influence. Immerse yourself in a game filled with intrigue and offering in-depth scaling tactics, reserving a unique playstyle for everyone. Combine this with the plethora of personalities and no two games of “Shadows Over the Empire” will ever be the same!


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