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Is That a… Teddy Bear?

Never let a cute face fool you, there’s a beatin’ awaiting you behind those cuddly smiles (didn’t Pretty Pretty Smash Up teach you anything?!?!) But it doesn’t end there, if you survive the onslaught of the teddy bears, you have rock stars, grannies, and explorers awaiting… seriously, what were we thinking?

Smash Up: What Were We Thinking returns to the wild randomness of the early days of Smash Up. By combining this expansion with your Smash Up sets, will you take Zombie Rock Stars against Explorer Dinosaurs? What about Time Travelling Grannies versus Teddy Bear Vampires?

It’s all possible now! All your dreams can finally come true! Smash Up: What Were We Thinking also marks the release of the 50th faction in this smash-hit line (haha, get it? Smash? Smash hit… yeah.)

Base game required.

– 4 Brand New Factions!
– Rock Stars, Explorers, Grannies, and Teddy Bears!
– New Strategies that offer tons of replay.
– More crazy fun from Smash Up!

88 cards
4 Dividers
Token Punchboard

Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 45 Min
Age: 12+


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