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These games are a new twist on Klondike, the most popular solitaire card game of all time. Playing Solitaire, with the familiar layout of one card in the first column, two cards in the second column, three in the third, and so on, with a standard 4-suit deck of cards (or on a computer app) is a pastime that has entertained millions of players for generations.
So what’s the new twist?
Six suits, 3 wild tiles and new challenges!
Six-Suit Solitaire and Solitaire for Two have many original features PLUS they are loaded with much more action and decision-making than the original Klondike game. The object in both new games remains to play as many tiles as possible “Up Top” in the piles that go from Ace through King in each of the six suits, but the scoring system introduces new and additional challenges for 1 to 4 players.
Use 4 of the suits to play all of your favorite card games. Just add a tile tray and play anywhere…no worries about the wind blowing your cards!

Game Components
– 81 high-quality urea tiles
– 1 Non-folded plastic guide rail
– 1 Rulebook
Players: 1 – 4 | Playing Time: 30-45 minutes | Ages: 13 +


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