The Castles of Tuscany


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Love the The Castles of Burgundy, but looking for a more approachable and streamlined experience? Look no further! The Castles of Tuscany offers the same tile placement- and victory point­based gameplay in a 45-60-minute experience. Stellar gameplay and gorgeous artwork by the Ravensburger North America team
(Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power, Jungle Cruise Adventure Game, The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game) make The Castles of Tuscany a must-own for fans of a lea and euro-style games.

In The Castles of Tuscany, players compete to build the most prosperous Tuscan realm as determined by the number of victory points after three rounds of scoring. On their turn, players may either take a tile, play a tile, or draw Region cards. Region cards are the currency with which players pay to place tiles into their realm. Hex tiles taken from the center of the game are refilled from three stacks on each player’s board; scoring rounds are triggered as these player stacks are depleted.


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