Tsukuyumi Full Moon Down Base Game


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Each faction has its own units, its own strengths and special abilities – therefore requiring a very adjusted strategy to win.
After the gameboard is set up, every player chooses a faction respectively. The faction boards explain in detail all special abilities and how to use them. It also specifies the factions’ start set-up.

According to the descending initiative order marked on the board, the players install their “Homezones”, pick three start-areas and place their units.
Prior to the first round, they also choose a white action card – a combination of actions they can use before the beginning of each round.

Then, the players gather their resources according to what their areas offer. They may use these resources to bid on the blue, green and red action cards. Every phase is represented by six of those action cards marked from A to F. Every card displays a different combination of the actions that can be taken during its respective phase. The highest bid is awarded with the A-card, the next one with the B-card, and so on.

Each round consists of the following phases:
White Phase: Players use the white action card they chose to emphasize their strategy.
Blue Phase: Players can rise in the initiative order and/or draw an Impact Card.
Green Phase: New units are generated and resources collected.
Red Phase: Units are moved, adversarial areas and units may be attacked. Onis are placed, moved, and used for attacks.

The player who gains the most Victory Points wins the game. Victory Points are earned by conquering and occupying areas, and by fulfilling goals and/or the faction’s respective mission.

The game ends after the number of rounds determined by the players beforehand – usually 3-4 rounds.


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