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In Weather Machine, you take on the role of one of the Scientists working with Professor Lativ. You must manage your own Laboratory, acquiring Vouchers to spend in other Locations, building Bots, acquiring Chemicals, and increasing the size of your Workshop where you will store resources and build prototypes.Once you have conducted enough research into a particular type of weather, you want to publish a paper on the subject, and then build a prototype to help fix some of the extreme weather caused by experiments made by Lativ’s flawed Weather Machine. The research into those flaws will lead to breakthroughs that will help humanity to fix extreme weather forever, getting you Awards and possibly a Nobel Prize!
Components 1 Game Board 1 Rulebook 4 Player Aids 4 Player Laboratories 4 Wooden Scientist meeples 48 Wooden Bots 4 Wooden Scoring markers 20 Wooden Voucher markers 5 Wooden Lock tokens 4 Wooden Initiative markers 4 Wooden Turn Order markers 12 Wooden Funding markers 24 Wooden Breakthrough markers 3 Wooden Government markers 1 Wooden Lativ meeple 1 Wooden Assistant meeple 5 Wooden Lativ Bots 12 Wooden Citation tokens 12 Wooden Award tokens 1 Wooden Nobel Prize 35 Wooden Research tokens 25 Wooden Chemical tokens 15 Extreme Weather tiles 15 Experiment tiles 30 Workshop tiles 15 Subsidy tiles 12 Investment tiles 36 Goal tiles 50 Machine Parts


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