You’re An Idiot


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Details: You’re An Idiot…and your friends are, too. No one is safe from judgment (including you) in this fast paced, easy-to-learn card game, which features you and your friends! How to play: Appoint one player as the judge. The judge spins the spinner, which then points to an Idiot at the table. The judge plays a card about said Idiot, and the rest of the players play a card from their hand to complete the sentence. The judge reads the card combinations aloud with the Idiot’s name and chooses the best one to win the point. But before any cards are played, the Idiot spinner can give the judge the power to mix up everyone’s cards. It’s time for game night for Idiots everywhere!


A not-for-kids party game, You’re An Idiot is the latest from the makers of the hit game, Drawing Without Dignity.
You and your Idiot friends play cards about each other.
400 cards, Idiot spinner, and some game rules you will probably ignore are included in a handsome, orange box.
Makes a great gift for all of your Idiot friends.
Ages 17+


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