Zombicide Orphans Gang Survivor Pack


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Kickstarter Exclusive set of 6 original Survivors designed by the great Karl Kopinski and sculpted by Patrick Masson, including their figures and ID cards.

Ever since the St Stilton orphanage was burned down during a riot, there has been an Orphans Gang formed by the abandoned survivors of that incident. The gang roams the galaxy, staying out of the way of the authorities and carving out a living by scrounging, scamming, or whatever else works. The Orphans Gang is always ready to welcome new members, as it’s also used to losing members to tragedies such as prison, death, or becoming an adult. Perhaps in a remote mining outpost they can lay low quietly for a while.

All members of the Orphans Gang share the same trait, common to street urchins: it’s impossible to hold them down. As such they all have the Unstoppable skill as a bonus, allowing them to slip by mobs of Xenos (or burst through them, in the case of Goliath).


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